Skalata: Why they invested in Wrappr

89% of ads go unnoticed or forgotten, highlighting the challenge of making advertising memorable.

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Below is a summary of a blog post on why Skalata Invested:

  1. 89% of ads go unnoticed or forgotten, highlighting the challenge of making advertising memorable.

  2. Wrappr uses vehicle wraps, specifically on EVs like the Polestar 2, for mobile advertising, leveraging the visibility of cars in public spaces.

  3. The out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry is experiencing growth, with a nearly 12% increase in revenue from Q3 2022-23, indicating a resurgence in physical advertising methods.

  4. Wrappr's unique selling proposition includes its custom-built data engine, LIFT, which measures campaign performance using de-identified location data from nearby smartphones.

  5. The company has surpassed $1 million in earnings for its drivers, showing the financial viability of its model for participants.

  6. Wrappr addresses advertising industry challenges such as privacy regulation, rising costs, poor engagement, and tracking difficulties.

  7. The service matches advertisers with drivers based on demographic factors and tracks ad performance through GPS data and foot traffic counters in vehicles.

  8. Impressions and engagements are measured by proximity to the wrapped vehicle, offering direct feedback on ad visibility and effectiveness.

  9. Wrappr has partnerships with major brands, indicating its acceptance and effectiveness in the market.

  10. Founders Liam and Jonte Shaw have backgrounds in sales and share-economy businesses, contributing to Wrappr's strategic development.

  11. Wrappr aims to be a B Corp, emphasizing its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

  12. Future plans include optimizing campaign targeting, automating data reporting, and expanding the client base to include travel and leisure companies.

  13. The company's approach to advertising is based on the principle that "the medium is the message," using sustainable, mobile advertising to create memorable experiences.

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