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Slyp smart receipts enables customers to pay with their bank card and automatically receive an itemised tax receipt inside their banking app. 

Why did you start the business? : Most of us can relate to the inconvenience of paper receipts and plastic loyalty cards. My (Paul) “aha” moment came one day when I was purchasing a power tool at a large retailer. As I went to pay at the register, I was asked for my loyalty card which I wasn’t carrying on me, I then tapped my Apple Watch to pay and was handed 40cm paper receipt. The cashier recommended that I take a photo of the paper receipt as it is likely to fade within 3-6 months – yet the warranty for my power tool purchase was 3 years. 

It then dawned on me, what if we could re-imagined paper receipts and plastic loyalty by bringing them into the “smart” world of technology. What if we could automatically link receipts and loyalty to the customers banking card/app to create a seamless “tap and walk” experience? Smart Receipts and Smart Loyalty are our foundational products with many more exciting solutions to follow. 

Year founded : 2016
Founders/CEO: Paul Weingarth
Location:  Sydney
Size of Team: 50+

Current Investors: We are Australia’s first independent fintech to be backed by each of the “Big Four” Banks 

Recent Milestone 🎉: $25M Series A