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Pay All your Bills through the Sniip App.

Year founded : 2013
Founders: Damien Vasta
Location:  South Brisbane, Queensland
Size of Team: 18

Current Investors: Private Investors and Family Offices

Recent Milestone: 200% YOY growth to Aug 2022

Why the name: Sniip is just made up to express how fast our payments are i.e. pay in a sniip!  But have often thought about retrofitting the acronym: Scan Now It Is Paid!

Why did the business start?  We saw that online payments were away from desktop moving towards mobile a few years ago.  Then we saw the area of digital payments that was most lacking in Australia was bill payments, as there had been no real innovation in the space since the launch of BPAY. We set about making bill payments faster and easier, whilst giving users choice in how and when they pay.