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Spriggy is a mobile app with a linked prepaid card that helps kids learn the concept of digital money.

Year founded : 2015
Founder/CEO: Alex Badran and Mario Hasanakos
Location: Sydney, Australia
Size of Team: 50+
Website: www.spriggy.com.au

Who is your ideal customer? : An Australian family passionate about teaching their kids good financial habits 

Why would someone work for your company?: We are solving the future of money for the next generation of Australians, with a high capability, purpose-driven team. For anyone who wants to do important work, in one of Australia's fastest growing fintechs, Spriggy should be top of their list.

Current Investors: Grok, Perennial, NAB Ventures and some of Australia's most influential angel investors

Recent Milestone: We raised our Series B in mid-2021, to help us continue to deliver on our strategy at speed

Why the name: Spriggy is a combination of Spring and Piggy Bank. It's young and energetic, and reflects what we're trying to solve as a company.

Why did the business start? Mario & Alex could see that financial education of young Australians needed to be solved for the digital age, with differentiated tailor-made experiences for kids and families.