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Year founded :2020

Location: Sydney

Size of Team: 2

What does your business do and why ?: 

We build SaaS products that integrate natively with businesses' existing tech stack. We focus on back-office workflows that are typically missing from core SaaS platforms, and therefore still done manually / painfully.

Recent Milestone:

50+ business users

10+ paying subscribers


Current Investors:  Antler

Why the name and the story behind it?  

Everyone has a tech stack, but as the number of subscriptions per business grow (100+ on average), getting the stack to work together is getting increasingly hard and it slows things down. We make the stack GO!


And anything else quirky that you would like to throw in ? 

We came up with the name in about 1 minute and never looked back. Didn't seem too important to worry about at the time!