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Stake offers low-cost brokerage services to retail investors.

Year founded : 2017
Founder/CEO: Matt Leibowitz
Location: Sydney, Auckland, London, Sao Paulo
Size of Team: 130

Who is your ideal customer: Our audience is the new generation of investors who are taking control of their own financial progress. They look for opportunities to get ahead and act when they find them.

Why would someone work for your company: Our internal mantra is 'Never Settle', reflecting how we always challenge the way things are done and look for every chance to improve our products and ourselves. This is what creates the collaborative and high-performance environment we work in. Though we're spread across three continents, we’re one global team working towards a common goal.

Current Investors: Tiger Global, DST Global

Recent Milestone: 500k accounts

Why the name: By definition, to have a stake in something is to be a part of it. To own it. To claim it. Our name stands for those who want to stake their claim to the future.

Why did the business start? We created Stake to give everyday investors access to financial opportunities previously only held for the big players. Today we continue to break barriers to global investment opportunities for the new generation by combining a sophisticated user experience with a passion for the markets.