Sub11 and Marketech Partnership

Marketech Ltd, a leading tech-driven market-data and trading platform developer, is proud to announce a new partnership with Sub11.

Marketech Ltd, a leading tech-driven market-data and trading platform developer, is proud to announce a new partnership with Rewardle’s (RXH.ASX) investor engagement services arm, Sub11.

Sub11 produces and publishes content about the Fintech sector, and provides investor engagement and consulting services to private and ASX-listed companies. Founded in early 2022 by Chris Titley following a successful career as a stockbroker with Morgans in Brisbane, Chris is well known and respected across the start-up and corporate community.

According to Travis Clark, the Managing Director of Marketech, the partnership is another big value add for Focus users, and a value add for Sub11 and the companies they service.

“We’re very excited by this new relationship, as Chris and Sub11 can fill in a lot of the non-mining content and knowledge gaps for investors, especially around fintech in Australia. Their content also includes commentary on unlisted companies, which represent the future leaders in Australia, some of whom may very well go on to become the next Canva or Atlassian.”

The Sub11 news articles, interviews and podcasts are now live in the Marketech Focus app, which combines a growing catalogue of investor relations & investing content developed by third parties, with the aim to connect companies directly with investors.

The free Focus platform (on app & PC) allows users to view the ASX/Cboe and NSX market data & charts, news releases and now, a growing list of articles, videos, podcasts, webinars and conferences, all sorted by company and linked to mobile alerts. Then, users can choose to activate other premium services, such as live or live-streaming market data, low-cost trading and tax reporting. 

Chris Titley from Sub11 is also excited by the partnership with Marketech.

“As a former stockbroker, I've found Marketech's Focus platform to be an exceptional tool for serious investors, both in terms of data and trading capabilities. However, it's in my current role as a content creator for companies where I see Marketech truly breaking new ground. The challenge has always been the sheer volume of investor information— or “information overload”—scattered across countless websites, overwhelming for the average retail investor to manage. Marketech's innovative solution provides a unique space for Sub11 to bridge the gap between these companies and their investors, ensuring not only connection but continuous engagement."

For more information about Marketech and the various Focus platform options, including a free 3-day trial of the combined ASX & CBOE market data, visit:

To discuss your Investor Relations needs with Sub11, contact Chris Titley at