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Member feature - Brisbane based Muval

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About the Company:

Muval began as a way for customers to access under-utilised space in removalist trucks. Over time it’s become a platform that makes moving companies more efficient, while also delivering a superior experience for customers. Our goal is to modernise moving in the same way that other aspect of our lives—like transport or travel—have been improved through technology.

James Morrel

James Morrell : Co-founder of Muval

Recent Highlight

Muval recently achieved profitability against the backdrop of unfavourable short-term macroeconomic conditions over the past 12 months. In doing so they have doubled market share and are positioned well for substantial revenue growth over the next 12 months.

Why the Name:

We wanted a name that was short and memorable, that had a phonetic link to moving. We were originally going to spell it “moval” and use the URL but too many people we tested it with pronounced it “mow val”. So we made it Muval! In early versions of the logo, the U was a smiley face.

Ask from the Community:

We are always interested in partnerships that can help us reach customers at the crucial life moment of moving. Anyone involved in real estate transactions or rental leases, come talk to us!