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Listing Loop was born out of the realisation that property buyers in Australia needed a fresh approach to finding and buying properties.

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About the Company:

Listing Loop was born out of the realisation that property buyers in Australia needed a fresh approach to finding and buying properties. Founded in 2018 by Rhett Dallwitz and Andrew Meehan, Listing Loop initially served as a platform for accessing pre and off-market properties. Over time, it has transformed into a full-service end-to-end property ecosystem, streamlining the buying, financing, and selling processes to provide a seamless experience for members.

Recent Highlight

Our business has two primary focuses to drive success, which are refinement and conversion. While our product is already developed, we remain committed to continuous development and improvement. As a result, our marketing and technology teams are focused on refinement, while our sales team is dedicated to increasing conversion rates.

As a team, our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to push boundaries and strive for excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing not just good, but exceptional customer service and by anticipating a customer’s needs. This includes engaging with customers over the phone and through digital channels at the right time, and presenting them with the right products and services that cater to their specific needs and stage in the property buying journey.

Our company-wide focus on refinement and conversion has led to strong growth across revenue and core metrics within the business.

Year-to -date, year-on-year numbers: 

  • Revenue up 175%

  • Property listings up 103%

  • Registered buyers up 30%

  • Finance settlements (mortgage brokering) up 20%

  • 3x improvement on product/service conversions 

Why the Name:

When a buyer attends an open for inspection, they often tell the agent, "please keep me in the loop about any new properties." This sentiment resonates with our goal of offering property buyers a better buying experience, which lead to the name Listing Loop. We chose  the word “listing” over “property” as this allowed for potential expansion into other markets down the line. The name Listing Loop also represents a comprehensive full-circle experience, offering everything you need to buy and sell in one convenient place.

What is the ask?

Now that we’ve built out our full end-to-end offering, we would appreciate the Sub11 community signing up to become a member of Listing Loop.  Try it out for themselves and spread the word that there’s a better way to buy property. You can simply do this via It’s free and only takes a moment.

You can use Listing Loop for your property search, or we include the option to engage our Buyer Assist team – who offer innovative, property buying services affordable to the 97% of homebuyers that go it alone – only 3% of buyers in Australia use a buyer’s agent. We can help you find the property, secure a home loan, coordinate conveyancing, plus organise your utility and internet connections, home insurance and home cleaning.

Also, we encourage any real estate agents in the group to sign up and list their properties. It’s free to list, we don’t take any listing commissions, plus agents get access to our verified leads. Our platform can really help agents save time, get more appraisals and close deals faster.