Sunday Weekly Summary November 13, 2022

Sub11 Sunday Weekly Fintech Summary

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Sunday Weekly Summary November 13, 2022

#fintechfun Sunday Weekly Summary 👇

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- Vanguard Australia launched their Superannuation product - 0.58% fees including a “Lifecycle” option to adjust growth v defensive ⚖️ assets overlayed with your age 🧩

- Melbourne based Thriday announced 📣 they are partnering 🤝with Regional Australia Bank to provide transaction accounts 📲 to business customers.

- ASX listed Xero reported their HY Result :
Operating Revenue 📊 : $658,000,512, Subscribers 📂: 3,496,000, AMRR 👀 : $1.480,912b, Free Cash Flow 💰 : $ 15,000,569

- Raiz Invest (once again) reached > $1b FUM with >670,000 active customers. ✅

- Novatti Group (ASX:NOV) was issued 🎟 a RADI for their "International Bank of Australia" 👋.

- Westpac announced 📢 that over 720,000 users interacted with their embedded “Personal Financial Management” feature 👾📲 since launch in Sep 2022.

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