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Super-Rewards is an online shopping site where each time you shop, your purchase earns you cash rewards into your Super-Rewards account.

Year founded : 2019
Founders: Pascale Helyar-Moray
Location: Sydney & Melbourne
Size of Team: 9

Who is your ideal customer: “I have too much super” said no-one, ever. So realistically, anyone who wants to live their retirement the way they want to. Which, let’s face it, is all of us. While we’re open to any gender, it is in fact women who need Super-Rewards more (see below).

Why would someone work for your company: Many different responses for this, and depends on who you are. If you’re driven by mission, then the ‘why’ is making an active and real difference to people’s futures. If you’re more technically-minded, then the ‘why’ is because Rewards is an elegant solution to a complex problem. If you’re about the kind of business you work for, well we all work from home, we all work flexibly, we give you birthday leave and have fun Christmas parties.

Current Investors: Combination of VC and Private Equity

Recent Milestone: The launch of Super-Rewards instore. Collecting takeaway? Earn super. Detailing the car? Earn super. Supporting your local restaurants and bars? Earn super.

Why the name: Because it pays cash rewards into your super. And because of compound interest, by the time you reach retirement, they’re SUPER rewards.

Why did the business start: Women retire with roughly half as much super as men; they have enough super for 6 years – but live another 14 after that. Our social structures don’t support change on this front, yet the older woman is the fastest growing homeless demographic. For 51% of women to be rewarded with homelessness after a lifetime of caring and service to others is an incredibly unjust and undignified end. So I thought about how I could leverage the assets and responsibilities women have and turn that into an income stream for super. Women make 80% of household spending decisions; by buying now through Super-Rewards retailers – which include EnergyAustralia, Apple, Appliances Online, Catch, ebay and other leading brands – they’re saving for later. It’s super – easy.