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TAGR is a patented mobile self-checkout solution for the retail industry 🛒

Year founded : 2020
Founder/CEO: Jaryd Terkelsen (CEO) & Timothy James (co-founder)
Location:Brisbane, Aus
Size of Team: 
Website: www.tagr.io

Who is your ideal customer: 

Our product works very well in 2 settings – high-volume retail and large floor space-to-floor staff ratio retail

Medium to large enterprise retailers (think Kathmandu) 

  • Fashion & general

  • Beauty, cosmetics & pharmacy

  • Grocery & Convenience

  • Home, hardware & electronics

High-volume pop-ups & events

  • E-commerce brands running physical pop-up sales/events

  • Warehouse sales

  • Experiential/activations

Why would someone work for your company:

To help shape the future of shopping and be at the forefront of industry change and disruption – we're leading the pack on digital transformation in retail and having fun doing it.

We've got a basketball half-court, a gym, and free coffee on tap (thanks Beforeyouspeak coffee).

Current Investors: 

High net-worths, family offices

Recent Milestone:

Recently won 2022 Canstar Innovation Award, currently expanding into the US with AusTrade SF Landing Pad and just ticked 15,000 shoppers/users

Why the name: 

Product tags are a common part of retail, and that has remained consistent throughout history. We wanted the name to be punchy, memorable and draw mention to the retail theme.

Why did the business start ? :

Jaryd & I started TAGR in mid-2020 out of frustration with shopping and business. Jaryd running a popular CPG brand that sells retail and wholesale, found the segregation between the channels frustrating as a business owner. I, being a product designer with woes of queueing, poorly trained staff, and lack of product info was fed up with in-store shopping.

Phase 1 of TAGR was to digitize the in-store shopping experience with our frictionless checkout product allowing customers to skip the queue and control their own shopping experience

Phase 2 is to close the gap with an e-commerce piece by creating a truly connected omnichannel checkout