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Sharesies and Telescope Partner up!

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As a keen watcher of investor products, I've been following the work of Luc Pettett and his team at Telescope AI for some time. When I heard the news that Telescope AI had partnered with Sharesies, a wealth app, to bring their AI-powered investment discovery tool to Australian investors , I was keen to take a closer look.

The integration of Telescope AI's technology into the Sharesies platform feels like a potential disruptor for investors of all experience levels. AI Search, the new feature powered by Telescope AI, allows Sharesies' 670,000+ Australian and New Zealand investors to explore a wide range of investment opportunities with ease.

This tool reminds me of the early days of previously "buying stocks with exposure to gold" to gain exposure to the gold price prior to the famous GOLD ETF by ETF Securities.

Gone are the days of sifting through endless search results or relying solely on personal knowledge. With AI Search, investors can simply type in any concept that piques their interest - whether it's "space tourism," "vertical farming," or even "AI animals in zoos" - and the tool will generate a comprehensive search of relevant stocks available on the Sharesies platform.

What I find most impressive is the depth of analysis that AI Search provides. The AI-generated commentary accompanying each stock recommendation helps investors understand the investment thesis and make more informed decisions. This is particularly valuable for new investors who may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available.

Luc Pettett, the founder of Telescope AI, emphasizes the importance of ethical and regulatory compliance in the development of AI-powered tools like AI Search. The company has implemented robust monitoring and testing processes to ensure the integrity of the AI's outputs, giving investors the confidence they need to trust the recommendations.

Sharesies' Country Manager for Australia, Brendan Doggett, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the potential for AI to democratize investing and make it more accessible to everyone. With over 8,000 companies and funds available on the Sharesies platform, AI Search promises to help investors find stocks that align with their interests and values, empowering them to put their money behind the companies and concepts that matter most to them.

As an investor who has long enjoyed exploring unique investment themes, I'm excited to see the impact that AI Search will have on the platform and potentially on other providers.