Unveiling the Journey of Spark Finance: A Conversation with Co-Founder Ewen Hollingsworth

I’ve known and followed Ewen’s progress for 18 months so it was great to finally have a chat over the podcast.  

In the latest episode of the Sub 11 Uncovered podcast series, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ewen Hollingsworth, the co-founder of Spark Finance, a fintech company that's making waves in the field of tuition financing for international students. I’ve known and followed Ewen’s progress for 18 months so it was great to finally have a chat over the podcast.  

Ewen (pictured below) shared the origins of Spark Finance, born out of his own struggles to fund his MBA in the UK. Despite securing a bursary and contributions from his family, the financial burden of studying abroad was daunting. His experience led to the realization that there was a significant gap in the market for providing unsecured credit to international students. This revelation was the catalyst for Spark Finance, aiming to ease the financial strain for students dreaming of studying overseas.

Ewen Hollingsworth - Spark Finance

The conversation also delved into the challenges faced by Spark Finance, especially during the tumultuous times brought on by COVID-19. Ewen candidly discussed the doubts and hurdles that came with launching and scaling a business during a global pandemic. 

However, he also highlighted the invaluable advice received from an advisor during these trying times: "This too shall pass." This mantra of perseverance and resilience has been a guiding light for Ewen and his team, underscoring the importance of grit in the entrepreneurial journey.

Ewen's story is not just about the birth of Spark Finance but also about the broader impact of fintech innovations in making education more accessible. As we wrapped up our conversation, Ewan expressed a humble request to our listeners: to spread the word about Spark Finance. Whether you're a student dreaming of studying abroad or a university looking to support international students, Spark Finance is here to bridge the financial gap.

Reflecting on my conversation with Ewan, I'm reminded of the power of entrepreneurship to not only solve personal challenges but also to create solutions that benefit a wider community. 

As we continue to uncover the stories of start-ups and innovators, I'm excited to see where Ewen and Spark Finance will go from here. 

Podcast below: