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Verrency enables a host of fintech capabilities—white-labeled—through one integration point to your bank's existing technology stack.

Year founded : 2016
CEO: Jeroen van Son
Location: Melbourne, Sydney, Dubai, Dublin, San Francisco
Size of Team: ~20

Who is your ideal customer: Any large payment processor, payments scheme and card issuing bank.

Why would someone work for your company: because we rock.. :)
Our mission is “Technology for Good”. We are a purpose driven enabler of financial innovation. Our most recent product enables consumers to live a carbon neutral life. With that product we hope and expect that millions of customers worldwide will off-set the carbon footprint of their card purchases and collectively we can stop the planet from heating up any further. Now that’s a mission to wake up for in the morning!

Investors: Cornerstone Series A investors are Salter Brothers Private Equity and Perennial Value Management

Recent Milestone:  A large agreement with Visa, the largest payments network in the world! See media release: 

Why did the business start? To help financial institutions to meet customer needs and deliver personalised value-added services to their customers. At scale, at pace in a secure and compliant manner and in a cost-effective way.