Weekly Update 22/10/2023

Fintech Weekly update

The fintech arena continues to bristle with activity as companies celebrate milestones, secure funding, launch new products, and make strategic moves in the market.

WeMoney has hit a significant user engagement milestone, celebrating its third anniversary with over half a million app downloads. This achievement underscores the company’s growing influence in the personal finance management space.

LAB Group from Melbourne has bolstered its financial position with a $6.5 million facility from GCI to enhance its team, fast-track product development, and pursue growth opportunities both at home and abroad.

Cashrewards, in collaboration with EonX, has introduced a new gift card offering, extending more value to members and broadening their access to a diverse array of Australian and international brands.

The loan comparison platform LoanOptions.ai is expanding its services to New Zealand, indicating a strategic step in its international growth journey.

Revolut Australia has made a splash in the mainstream market with its first major advertising campaign, signaling an aggressive push for brand visibility and market penetration.

Westpac's innovation continues with the launch of the Presto app on Android EFTPOS Now terminals, developed in partnership with mx51. This new application streamlines transactions for retail and hospitality businesses, integrating with over 100 point of sale systems.

CommSec has taken an educational initiative, releasing a series of episodes in the Stock'd Education hub to demystify Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), collaborating with ASX and BetaShares to empower investors with knowledge.

Beforepay has significantly extended its receivables-financing facility to A$55 million with a three-year term, a move that CEO James Twiss believes will fuel the company's next growth phase and increase the volume of cash advances they can offer.

Australian Payments Plus has introduced ConnectID, a new identity verification service that allows Commonwealth Bank and NAB customers to securely confirm their identity with participating organizations.

Lastly, InDebted has acquired Reminda, a Sydney-based debt collection agency. This acquisition is aimed at bolstering InDebted’s operations in Australia, with CEO Josh Foreman recognizing the potential to strengthen their service offering through full integration.

This recap of the week's events reflects a vibrant and evolving fintech landscape, characterized by strategic growth, cross-border expansion, and a focus on consumer-oriented products and services. With these developments, the sector demonstrates its adaptability and commitment to meeting the ever-changing demands of the financial world.