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Yondr Money is a technology driven fintech/neobank based in Australia that offers an intelligent customer-first alternative to the big banks.

Year founded: 2017
Founder/CEO: Shane Chanel 
Location: Melbourne
Size of Team: 16
Website: https://www.yondr.money/

Who is your ideal customer:
Everyday Australians who want better experiences, services and value for money from the everyday transaction card. Our free-to-use app provides insights that empower Australians to understand their spending habits, tools to help them manage their finances and low fees to make their money go further.

Why would someone work for your company:
Yondr is on a mission to improve financial literacy and outcomes for everyday Australians. We're a small-knit team with big dreams to put the power back into the hands of the consumers and change the transactional banking scene across the Asia Pacific. We're the next generation, the generation where Australians can choose how they pay, how they're rewarded and how they manage and build their wealth.

Current Investors: 
Yondr's investors range from a diverse group of family offices, and sophisticated investors to retail punters. Having nearly 300 investors, the investors are passionate about disrupting the banking industry.

Recent Milestone:
Yondr launched via public beta a few months ago and is already closing in on a thousand customers. Our beta offering currently includes A multiple currency wallet holding 9 currencies, physical and virtual Visa cards, and personal financial management tools all via our app (Android & iOS).

Why the name:
Our naming journey started with 70 names scattered across the table. After taking a vote from 100 people including the team, friends and family, 'Yondr' was unanimously selected as the crowd favourite.

Why did the business start?
While travelling, our founder (Shane) realised that a number of fintech based in Europe and North America were making it super easy for their customers with an awesome user experience while giving them lots of value too. The Australian big four banks control roughly 80% of the market. With the lack of innovative options, the banking market is ripe for disruption and Shane has built Yondr to give everyday Australians a customer-centric digital banking alternative.