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Company Description:

Shop online and privately send your cart to another person with a single click using YouPay. Get the items you want and make buying them simpler than ever – welcome to multiplayer shopping.

Why did you start the business? : I (Matt) wanted to buy my wife a gift, but she wanted to pick something out very specific. She wanted to shop, and I wanted to pay. What we quickly realised was it was impossible to shop together online. Coming from a web development background, I knew we could fix that problem.

Year founded : 2020
Founders/CEO: Matt Holme
Location:  Brisbane
Size of Team: 12

Current Investors: Sprint VC with a new round about to close

Recent Milestone 🎉: The launch of, the first step towards YouPay becoming “the platform for everything you want in the world”.

What do you look for in an investor? A number of things, including a general feeling that the investor is someone who you want associated with and directly involved with your company. Segment expertise is also very important. You want to know that as your company grows the investor has "been there and done that" so there is always relevant advice and insights available at every stage of the journey.