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Zeller aims to be a smarter way to take payments.

Year founded : 2020
CEO: Ben Pfisterer
Location: Melbourne
Size of Team: 192 
Website: myzeller.com 

Who is your ideal customer: Zeller is built for Australian business owners looking for smarter payments and financial services tools. 

Why would someone work for your company: Zeller attracts motivated, entrepreneurial individuals inspired by the goal of reimagining business banking. This provides many opportunities for team members to work autonomously on large projects and collaborate with a world-class team.

Current Investors: Square Peg, Apex Capital Partners, Addition, Spark Capital, Headline, and Hostplus.

Recent Milestone: In March 2022, Zeller closed a $100M funding round, doubling the company’s valuation to over $1B AUD. This milestone made Zeller the fastest ever Australian company to reach unicorn status.

Why the name: It’s a nod to Zeller’s mission, which is to serve the needs of their customers - 'sellers'. Zeller is helping the sellers of Australia get paid, access their funds, and manage their finances faster and more simply than they can today.

Why did the business start?  Zeller is building a true alternative to business banking for modern businesses. Rather than tackle small slices of what businesses expect from a business bank, Zeller brings together the best of payments and financial services in one place. Zeller’s product offering includes an EFTPOS Terminal, Transaction Account and Zeller Mastercard that simplify the cash flow process for Australian business owners.