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Zerocap is a market-leading private wealth management firm for digital assets.

Year founded: 2017
Founder/CEO: Co-founders Ryan McCall (CEO), Jon de Wet (CIO) and Trent Barnes (CINO)
Location: Melbourne, London
Size of Team: 70 staff

Who is your ideal customer: High net worth individuals, institutions, family offices and hedge funds

Why would someone work for your company: Agile, exciting and diverse culture that rewards high performance.

Current Investors: The Victor Smorgon Group, one of the largest family offices in Australia.

Recent Milestone: We recently partnered with the ASX to pilot a blockchain-based settlement scheme for the exchange, the first of its kind for in the country.

Why the name: Zerocap is about having zero limits - which fits with our mantra, “Zero friction, borderless finance”

Why did the business start? We had a thesis that Bitcoin would eventually gain mainstream institutional adoption, which would open the door to cryptocurrency flourishing as an asset class. Our thesis on institutional adoption has been playing out over the last 18 months in particular, and moving at a rate faster than even we had anticipated. We have a vision that institutional adoption improves access for everyone, further democratising the asset class