Zip AGM - Q&A

Q: What was the significant financial milestone achieved by Zip Co Limited in the first quarter of FY24?

A: Zip Co Limited achieved positive cash EBTDA for the first quarter of the financial year 2024.

Q: What are the two main regions of focus for Zip Co Limited?

A: Zip is now focusing on Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) and the Americas as its two main regions.

Q: How does Zip Co Limited differentiate itself in the market?

A: Zip differentiates itself through its commitment to responsible lending, choice and flexibility for over 6 million active customers and more than seventy thousand merchants.

Q: What was Zip Co Limited’s revenue growth in the first quarter of FY24?

A: The group revenue grew by 31.9% in the first quarter of FY24.

Q: What is the new product being launched by Zip Co Limited in Australia?

A: Zip Co Limited is launching a new financial services product in Australia called Zip Plus.

Q: How does Zip Plus align with the company’s responsible lending practices?

A: Zip Plus will be fully compliant with the regulatory requirements of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, operating under Zip's Australian Credit Licence.

Q: What are the strategic priorities for Zip Co Limited in FY24?

A: The strategic priorities include growth and profitability, product innovation, and operational excellence.

Q: How is Zip Co Limited's US business performing?

A: The US business of Zip Co Limited has seen accelerated growth, with Americas TTV growth accelerating by 28.9% year-on-year.

Q: What steps has Zip Co Limited taken to strengthen its balance sheet?

A: Zip Co Limited has made progress in strengthening its balance sheet, including deleveraging and successfully pricing a $300.0 million securitisation issue.

Q: What is the outlook for Zip Co Limited for the financial year 2024?

A: Zip Co Limited expects to deliver a positive Group cash EBTDA result for the second half of FY24 and the full 2024 financial year.

Q: What is Zip Co Limited's medium-term target for revenue and net transaction margin?

A: The medium-term targets are revenue margin at 8.9% and net transaction margin at 3.5%, as achieved in the first quarter of FY24.

This article was created using information from the AGM based on factual information.