"11's the Magic Number": A Look at Property Tech with Darcy Lord

Sub11 Uncovered turns its focus to the real estate sector, where technology is gradually altering traditional practices.

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Sub11 Uncovered turns its focus to the real estate sector, where technology is gradually altering traditional practices. I recently had the opportunity to discuss this shift with Darcy Lord, creator of makeanoffer, which aims to streamline property transactions in Australia.

I've know Darcy for about a year now through a mutual friend Ben Pullen and over many conversations we have discussed proptech and the current processes around buying and selling property - and it was finally nice to sit down on a one on one.

In our discussion, we delved into the trajectory of Brisbane's real estate market over the past two decades—a journey marked by significant economic events and a recent development boom. Darcy provided an overview of these market changes, reflecting broader economic patterns.

Darcy's recount of the Brisbane market's ups and downs over the last 20 years painted a vivid picture of resilience and adaptability. From the quiet beginnings in 2004, through the tumult of the GFC and the 2011 floods, to the booming development era of the mid-2010s, his experiences mirror the city's growth and the challenges it faced. Yet, it was his insights into the changing dynamics of buying and selling property that caught my attention the most.

makeanoffer introduces a streamlined process for real estate transactions, potentially modifying traditional market operations. The platform is structured to simplify the buying and selling process, reflecting a more practical approach akin to the clear, straightforward message conveyed through the homemade sign in the 'Bluey' episode "The Sign."


makeanoffer proposes a direct method for connecting buyers and sellers, potentially affecting the current market structure. It's a utilitarian approach to real estate transactions, prioritizing function and user access over existing complexities.

The conversation also touched upon the platform's technical framework, which utilizes data and networking to establish direct connections between users. Darcy’s aim with makeanoffer is to offer a more accessible market, with a design that incorporates user feedback for ongoing improvements.

The platform's approach suggests a shift towards user-centric models in real estate transactions, aligning with broader trends in technology where user needs drive innovation.

As this series continues to explore technology's role in everyday life, insights from industry figures like Darcy are crucial. Future segments will observe the influence of platforms like makeanoffer on property buying and selling methods, contemplating the role of technology in streamlining these experiences.

Podcast below: