Sub11 Podcast with John Winters, Co-founder of Superhero

Fintechfun podcast with John Winters Co-founder (Superhero) and Chris Titley (Sub11)

John Winters co founder of Superhero wearing blue blazer

Superhero is an online investing platform that allows customers to invest in Australian shares, U.S. shares, and ETFs.

"I think we had 50 or 80k left in the tin, we didn't have a product live, it was early in 2020, so you've just come out of Christmas and New year where everything sort of shuts down, and then the pandemic hit..and global markets crashed, APRA shut the gate on pretty much everything, everything stopped."


  • Behind the Scenes on the Superhero journey 🎬

  • That bus ad 😳🚌

  • The merger with Swyftx 🤝

  • Riding horses? 🐎

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