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Trade Australian and US Shares and enjoy Live Data and Real-Time Funding with Superhero.

Year founded : 2018
Founders: John Winters and Wayne Baskin
Location: Sydney
Size of Team: 55

Investors: Some of our investors include Zip’s Larry Diamond, Afterpay’s Nick Molnar, Fred Schebesta, Regal Funds Management, Thorney Investment Group, Perennial Value Management and Ophir Asset Management.

Recent Milestone:  We now have over 200,000 Australians investors on the platform and announced our merger with crypto-exchange Swyftx in June. 

Why did the business start? Before founding Superhero, I (John) worked in stock-broking for 15 years at companies including Macquarie Group and Shaw and Partners. In my roles, I serviced high net worth individuals and families, and corporate entities. I was fed up with the limited access everyday Australians have to some of the tools I used to serve my clients. I saw an opportunity to leverage my experience to empower Australians and democratise investing and superannuation – then I brought on Wayne (Baskin) as a co-founder to help me reach this goal.